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We help you master the habits and tools to build resilience, create sustainable productivity and become your best self professionally and personally. Our methods are based on proven, ancient teachings mixed with research-backed modern science and decades of real-world experience.


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Why Does This Matter?

Unhappiness among workers in America is costing a shocking $300 billion per year in lost productivity, the Gallup-Healthways estimates.

How To Be Happy At Work, Huffington Post

$100 billion per year is lost in productivity due to insufficient sleep, the effects of interruptions on productivity, energy and work satisfaction cost $588 billion per year, and 75%-90% of doctor's visits are due to stress.

American Institute of Stress, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Basex Research

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  • Why Sitting May Be Bad for Your Heart

    There’s finally data to show how sitting too much can be damaging to your health. Get the facts here.

  • Turning Negative Thinkers Into Positive Ones

    Neuroplasticity: our ability to rewire the brain! It takes practice but if you stick with it, you can reap great benefits. Get the science behind it.

  • The Opposite of Addiction Is Connection

    We did a little experiment with a partner in Ayurveda school. We took each other’s pulses, hugged for 1 minute, then retook our pulses. Our post-hug pulses were calmer, slower and fuller. Human connection does have a positive effect on your mind as well as your body. Read more.

  • How Laughter Makes You A Better Worker

    We are 30 times more likely to laugh when we are with other people than when we’re alone…and really, laughter makes us a better everything. Read more.

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