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The silly reason men work (or pretend to work) extremely long hours

Interesting studies examining men’s work habits. When men don’t work as much as colleagues and friends, they report being unhappy and shift their work schedule to match or better them. The one bright side? There appears to be limits. People don’t gain much from working substantially more than colleagues, and those extra hours have negative consequences on quality of life. Click for more info.

Viewpoint: why do people waste so much time at the office?

A perspective from England: “The average British worker spends 36 days a year answering work emails. London workers in particular receive close to 9,000 emails each year. As a result, work spills over into private time. One recent survey revealed that 80% of employers consider it perfectly acceptable to contact their employees outside business hours.” Get more insights.

What’s love got to do with it?

Awesome post by Kare Anderson on how behaviors that build sustainable marriages could also help inclusive-style leaders to model such relationship-building behaviors and thus inspire colleagues to optimize their talents for each other and their organization. Continue reading.

The unsung health benefits of nose breathing

Studies are suggesting that slow, deep, abdominal and nose breathing techniques support gut, digestion, mood, sleep, cardiovascular and mental health. Deep breathing also boosts support for abdominal discomfort, stress, muscle tension and digestive issues. Take a deep breathe and continue reading.

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