How we give back

Giving back is one of the Red Pantz values. We work with people in distress to help ease their burden.

United States, National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

Committee member to help advance our society’s health and well-being in whatever small way I can. I hope to see the day when allopathic and natural medicine work hand in hand…in the same facility…to help people manage their mental, emotional and physical well-being…holistically.  

Hungary, Youth Olympic Festival, 2017

Supported athletes as they pursued gold and journalists as they reported breaking news.

Nepal, disaster relief, 2015

Check out the below videos for a glimpse into our work and play in Nepal in partnership with Jenna Furnari Yoga and Ayurveda (featured in the opening frame below) and read a few chapters from my journal.

Nepal: how do I pack for that? (part 1) includes an introduction and 5 stories

Nepal: how do I pack for that? (part 2) tells 4 stories

While in Nepal, we met some amazing people who were involved in “Shelters4Nepal”, an all volunteer-based shelter-building project. We teamed up with them on their project in Bhaktapur.


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