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“Is this another wellness company?” Well, not really. Is health in the wellness sense a part of our DNA? Yes. But that’s not all we do. We focus on improving organizational and team health with a twist.

The Red Pantz Performance Fuel

Work with us to drive results in sustainable ways. We bring health and productivity together in the environment where work is performed. We call the intercept of productivity and health sustainable productivity.

We offer consulting, facilitation services and workshops in the following areas:

Create a healthy and productive work environment. Build healthy communication, work habits and resilience.
Drive alignment and get the most out of your objectives with proven strategy and roadmap planning.
Break down silos and improve your outputs with workflow optimization. Establish accountability.

Our clients include Cisco, Symantec and Leaders in Technology Marketing among others. Read what people are saying and ask us about our consulting, facilitation and learning services.

Try Our Signature Workshop

“Boost Productivity, Tame Stress” (BOOST & TAME), our signature learning program helps you and your team build resilience, adopt sustainable work habits, make better decisions and master healthy communication for performance. Organized into a proven 4-step framework, this program is a balanced blend of lectures and hands-on learning.

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