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Petra came into a cross-functional group with different priorities. She did some pre-work and came in prepared to facilitate a collaborative planning session. At the end of the day we were aligned on what needed to happen and working together in lock-step.

PLANNING: Symantec executive

Our company had become increasingly unproductive due to mistakes and miscommunication. Petra was able to work with each of us both individually and together to improve our performance. She had both the tools and the insight to put better processes in place. I am personally elated; there is an increased esprit de corps in our company as well.

PROCESS & PEOPLE: Kathy V., Owner, Marketing promotions company

This course over-exceeded my high expectations. I have taken many workshops of this type and this was among the top 3. The information provided was 100% useful and presented in an ideal format. Kudos to Red Pantz. I will be back for more.

PEOPLE: Natascha T., CEO, RYT200, Stress/Resilience

After taking this class, I have a better understanding of my “stress triggers” and how to cope with them. I am excited to have these new “tools” in my mental tool box. This class is perfect for everyone!

PEOPLE: Callie S., Stress/Resilience

I learned a lot that I can apply to my everyday stress management skills. Petra presents the material in a very relaxed and easy to understand method.

PEOPLE: Stress/Resilience

Petra has put together a well-thought out workshop on focus. It’s like a crash course/cliff notes of many books I have read, such as The Power of Now, Flow and The Peaceful Warrior, and techniques I have learned in yoga classes.

PEOPLE: Leslie L., Director of Web Marketing, Focus & interruptions

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