What better way to spend your morning or afternoon than with people you care about? Host a wellness party, schedule a work wellness session or check out our events. 


MY24/7 wellness parties 

Life flows better when you flow with nature. At our wellness parties, we share the wisdom of nature and the circadian rhythm to help you get more energy, better sleep, become more productive, and handle the ups and downs of life with more grace. And you’ll better understand how the 24 hours of the day affect your body, mind and senses, and how you can make the most of this daily rhythm. That’s why we call these parties MY24/7 wellness parties.

Find out why you wake up between 2AM and 4AM, why you reach for the cookie jar in the middle of the afternoon and why your crave your second or third cup of coffee at 3PM.

Then, learn what you can do about it–naturally. And explore our MY24/7™ ayurveda-based self-care collection to help your body and mind flow better throughout the day–every day.

What we offer

MY24/7™  wellness parties
MY24/7™ wellness parties
Bring your friends, learn healthy lifestyle and food habits, while getting in some shopping too.
Work wellness
Work wellness
”We learn more when we learn together”. So gather your team to learn to build resilience and more productive habits.
Upcoming events
Upcoming events
We plan to be at the Mountain View Arts and Wine Festival on May 1 - 2. We're also available for virtual events.

Upcoming events

MY24/7™ at the Campbell farmers’ market

Campbell, certain Sundays, 9AM - 1PM PT

Mountain View Arts & Wine Festival

Mountain View Arts and Wine Festival, CA, May 1 - 2

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